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Radical Max Bias Undrilled

Radical Max Bias Undrilled

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LEVEL: Top Shelf

PART NUMBER: 60-108161-93X

COLOR: Blue / Aqua

CORE: Maximum Results Asymmetric

COVERSTOCK: HK22+ Textured Hybrid

COVER TYPE: Hybrid Reactive

FINISH: 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad

WARRANTY: Two years from purchase date

©2024 Radical Bowling Technologies • 0324-41

The Max Bias is a new version of the Maximum Results. The Maximum Results was one of the last cores Mo Pinel designed, featuring one of the industry’s highest intermediate differentials. With the addition of the new HK22+ cover, we can move the breakpoint further down the lane, yielding a more dynamic down-lane motion. The Max Bias has Mo’s signature design written all over it. Lots of hook and lots of motion.

 Weight (lbs.)  RG  DIFF   ASY 
16LB 2.506  0.043 0.026
15LB 2.494 0.050  0.030
14LB  2.511 0.050  0.030
13LB  2.589  0.043  0.011
12LB 2.612 0.043  0.011
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