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Radical Rattler NU Undrilled

Radical Rattler NU Undrilled

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LEVEL: Reliable

PART NUMBER: 60-108187-93X


CORE: Rattler Symmetric

COVERSTOCK: Not Urethane

COVER TYPE: Not Urethane

FINISH: 500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad

WARRANTY: Two years from purchase date

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The Rattler NU takes advantage of the new chemistry in cover stocks Not Urethane (NU). This chemistry allows us to create a unique urethane motion without the pitfalls of a urethane ball. The Rattler NU features the original Rattler core with an RG of 2.480 and a differential of 0.035, giving you a medium diff core and a unique cover. The Rattler NU is a great addition to the Rattler lineup, yielding a smooth, controllable, continuous ball motion that allows you to control the backend of the lane.

Weight (lbs.) RG DIFF
16LB  2.493   0.030
15LB  2.480  0.035
14LB  2.496  0.035
13LB  2.574  0.040
12LB  2.597  0.040
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