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Roto Grip X-Cell Undrilled

Roto Grip X-Cell Undrilled

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BEHIND THE DESIGN: There's no better time than right now to reignite those beloved memories of the late 2000's legend the CELL™ that put Roto Grip back on the proverbial map. X-CELL is our way of paying homage by blending the original look with our modern day core and cover technology to give players even more forgiveness and versatility than the original everyone loved. On the inside you will find the original Nucleus™ block wrapped in one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread, A.I. Core Technology. This core allows for greater energy dispersement from the center to the cover to increase overall pin carry. While on the outside you will find our brand new ULTRA versatile, ULTRA responsive - eTrax™ ULTRA Solid Reactive coverstock that features chemical enhancements mixed into the material to provide an ULTRA consistent reaction shot after shot.

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